How to Attract Women – Dressing For Your Size

Women like a guy who dresses well, we can take this as a fact. First of all, remove any preconceived notions you may have that you need to be head to toe in designer wear to be considered a “good dresser” because that just isn’t true. Its also true to say that what looks good on one guy may not look as good… or good at all, on the next guy. So why is this? Simply put, we come in all different shapes, sizes and colors. Not only that, but its kinda cringe worthy when you see old guys still wearing Abercombie and Fitch just about as much as it is when you see a chubby guy who’s been working out a few weeks and squeezes on a tight shirt to show off his “pythons” and manboobs, sorry “pecs” in.

Lets say you are a big guy, by big i mean fat. Your first priority is to get in shape. Being lean says quite a bit about your character; It gives women the impression you are a man of self – esteem and value your appearance which means you are a man of self worth. It also shows you are goal driven and determined as you persistently workout and that you are, dare i say it? Sexy!. Yes, just like us guys look at girls bodies and think about what they look like naked women do the same. So work on your stamina, big guy.

Ok, enough of the drill sergeant act. Being big around the waist doesn’t mean you can’t pick up women, it just makes it a little harder unless you have tight social-proofing (if you don’t know what social-proofing means refer to my confidence article – part 1). Wearing a black shirt will instantly make you look slimmer, add a sports jacket to that an you’ll look like someone of authority. It’s worth mentioning here that it’s not just the clothes you wear but HOW you wear them. I will go in depth into this more in a future article on body language, but its worth noting that you should have your shoulder blades back and chest up. This isn’t to say you over exaggerate and walk around like Mr. Incredible but it keeps you from slouching and walking with level shoulders and your chin up says dominance, a man with prowess – and that to women is attractive. For fat guys shirts or sweaters with horizontal lines are a no no, they will make you look like a walking globe so avoid this at all costs.

So what if you are big but muscular? All to often big muscular guys will try to show off their physique by wearing clothes from Baby Gap. My friends, the only people you are attracting wearing clothes a size or two too small for you is gay guys and other guys who work out. The best way to dress if you are muscular is by wearing tapered, slim fitting clothes that show the shape of your physique but leave mystery to it, for instance; a slim fitting cashmere sweater with dress pants and nice shoes accessorized with a decent watch will have womens attention for sure. Guys with decent physiques benefit from the exuberating confidence of knowing they have a decent body which actually attract women more than the physique itself. So leave the tank tops and lycra shorts in the 80’s fellas.

On the opposite end of the spectrum we have skinny guys. Skinny guys who wear baggy clothes look like walking hangers, stop that. Skinny guys can potentially look good in anything other than clothes that make them look frail. So stick to slim fitting designs, and perhaps layer your outfits and experiment with what you like. Don’t be afraid to look a bit funky and add your own unique style and flare.

To co-ordinate the colors of your clothing here is a simple rule of thumb; Earth colors go together, don’t mix them up with loud colors such as red. Match 2 pairs of clothing together for instance; Tanned shoes match a tanned sweater with a black jacket that matches black jeans. Just look for things that co-ordinate and don’t wear more than 2 or 3 colors in one outfit if wearing earth colors, just keep it simple.

Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through with the kind of clothes you wear. Self expression through how you dress is a great thing. Personally I’m a fan of artistic designed t-shirts and sweaters with a good fit in the day and smart dress and shoes in the evening. It’s all good as long as we look and feel good in what we wear.

Wholesale Clothing For Women – Dressing Sharp With Wholesale Clothing

In today’s world, no longer are women content with staying at home and looking after the kids. Now, more and more women are seen in the workplace. As a matter of fact, so many smart and sharp women of today are occupying management posts, all clear signs that the corporate jungle is not just meant for the men. A lot of women learn to juggle between work and family.

More often than not, a mother with a kid who is already big enough to go to school can opt to go back to work, so as to help with the family income. While there are still occasional Parent-Teacher’s meetings, soccer games and piano recitals that the mother would need to be on top of, there is also her office work.

As a mother steps back into the corporate world, no longer are the usual shirt and denim jeans the acceptable look. With the new tasks and additional challenges, women need to look good, so that she can feel good and confident about herself, which translates into her attitude towards work.

There are a couple of essentials that a woman needs to have in order to dress smartly and switch from the corporate fashion into a casual school meeting, perhaps. If you ask different fashion and personality gurus, they can tell you different things, but there are a couple of clothing fundamentals that are classics.

Black dress pants. A dress pants makes you look sharp and smart. Black pants never go out of style.

White shirt or blouse. This is also a classic and so versatile. Choose one that accentuates your best features and hides your flaws. This top can also be perfectly paired with pants or skirt. Simple skirt. Aside from dress pants, a corporate look can also be achieved with an A-line skirt which can both feature your assets and look businesslike.

Jacket or a trench coat. Layers also help achieve that smart and sharp look. Choose a jacket with proper fitted shape. Make sure it follows the woman’s curves and fall into the right places.

Dressing smartly does not equate to expensive clothes. Good thing, a lot of businesslike clothes and attires are available in wholesale clothing online. Aside from the relatively low priced clothes, online shopping can spare you the hassle of groping through your local malls. Time is of the essence especially for the working women, and with the help of your internet, you can easily plan and buy the clothes you need to dress the part.